Outsourced IT Manager

While looking for the perfect fit as your IT Manager or to help during transition, our team can take charge of all tasks devoted to this role.

Network architecture and implementation

Let us help your IT Manager develop the network map and implement necessary hardware, software and procedures to be up and running faster.

Telecom architecture and implementation

We are a leading force in telecom for mining. Our specialists will provide best of breed solutions for all telecom needs. We implement LAN, mobile, VSAT, Radio and all kinds of communication networks.

IT Security and data protection planning

No time to build a Disaster recovery plan? An efficient Backup strategy? We will suggest best practices, compliance plan and procedures to meet auditors requirements.

Bandwidth optimization

If you are operating on remote sites, bandwidth is an issue. Our professionals will help implementing the right tools in a timely matter.

Hosting Services

We provide a full range of services in the cloud. Let us manage your emails, website, ftp site, antivirus, backup, firewalls and more.

We also provide remote accounting and office services including:

  • Ledger entries, payables
  • Payroll, expense accounts
  • Government reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Month end, year end
  • Letters, presentations
  • Mailbox and office space
  • CFO on demand

Business Process analysis and optimization

During construction phase or commissioning, timing is ideal to define and document the business process workflows that will support operations. Our analysts will provide high value advice with best practices and industry-specific recommendations to build solid foundations. If the mine construction follows a fast track approach, this service will really help put the right resources in place faster.

ERP selection and implementation

We are top level experts in ERP. Our team as over 100 years of experience in selecting, implementing and supporting ERP for mining businesses. Let us guide you through this mission critical phase.

Software solutions architecture

During the project life cycle, many software needs will appear. Which solution is the best? How can it be integrated to my environment? Because we know what pieces of the puzzle are required at all stages of growth, we can make you save thousands of dollars in picking the right solutions at the right time.

Operation systems integration

We all know IT and OT do not share much. We have proven that this can be overcome. After all, both share the word technology.

Data conversion

Your organization have acquired another operation or a outside system? Our DBA’s can plan, operate and support simple and complex data conversion projects.

Platform migration

You finally have the budget to update the old technology to the new one? Let us help plan, operate or support your staff with this time consuming project.

Business Intelligence strategy

Real time decision making is the key for an efficient operation. Our team will provide real-life strategy to get to intelligence and not only dreaming of it.


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