Network architecture and project management

Our team of professionals will work with your IS team to improve and conduct replacement infrastructure in time, in budget. We are Cisco and Microsoft certified.

Telecom architecture and project management

We are a leading force in telecom for mining. Our specialists will provide best of breed solutions for all telecom needs. We implement LAN, mobile, VSAT, Radio and all kinds of communication networks.

IT Security planning and optimization

Our team can be used to build the required strategy and procedures around network security, database integrity, redundancy, replication and other plans to assess.

Bandwidth optimization

If you are operating on remote sites, bandwidth is an issue. Our professionals will help implementing the right tools in a timely matter.

Business process optimization

The mine maybe in operation for 2-5 years and processes need improvement. We can help by reviewing mission critical processes, document them and assess change. We can be your interface with regulation authorities or auditors.

ERP optimization

Let us address the 20% that was never implemented after the first year or the ERP.

Software solutions architecture and integration

During the project life cycle, many software needs will appear. Which solution is the best? How can it be integrated to my environment? Because we know what pieces of the puzzle are required at all stages of growth, we can make you save millions of dollars in picking the right solutions at the right time.

IT Project Management

Our PMP certified Project Managers can carry all kinds of IT Projects to the next level.

Business Transformation Projects

Some projects are not only IT projects. They have an impact of the entire organization and interact with its culture. Our team can support transformation within the company by providing an adapted approach to facilitate success.

Operation systems integration

We all know IT and OT do not share much. We have proven that this can be overcome. After all, both share the word technology.

Data conversion and optimization

We can bring in the historical data that your Finance department ask for and your IS team has no time to do.

Business Intelligence architecture and deployment

Real time decision making is the key for an efficient operation. Our team will provide real-life strategy to get to intelligence and not only dreaming of it.

Change management programs

As transformation projects, heavy process change and new system implementations require a HR strategy to lead the project to acceptance. We have experts to work with your HR and IT teams walking through this journey.

Training programs for IT related projects

Small and large IT projects require training. Our unique approach will bring greater acceptance on technology.

Regulatory compliance and governance

More and more over the last decade, public companies have to meet with all kinds of compliance and new governance rules. Interacting with the stakeholder of these processes can be like learning a new language. Let us bring the dictionary for you.

Strategic planning

Working in the IT and mining business for over 15 years, our executives can be seating at your right when important IT decisions are made.


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